Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has Sprung (Again!)

Amazingly, I saw another sign of spring today. Okay, not so amazingly, considering the weather (70F and sunny). In a previous post, I stated that the first sign of spring was all of the old jocks out trying to lose their middle aged swell. I declare that only a weak of sign of spring and not the official sign of spring. For me, the official sign of spring is nearly always found during a run through Lebanon Hills. The sign? Frogs! We're talking a chorus of frogs. Specifically a chorus of "Chorus Frogs" (pictured at right). It is always a encouraging to hear their call throughout the forest and know that they have officially put their stamp on spring. They are not out in full force in the thick of the woods yet, but I'm guessing that my mid-week, the whole forest will erupt in a chorus of clicking sounds. I can't wait to hear the symphony.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Matt's Equinox Dinner

My first blog that I ever wrote came on the heels of our quarterly "meeting" at Matt's Bar. That was 2 seasons ago, as we just had our Spring Equinox dinner yesterday evening. This has truly turned into one of my favorite events of the year--which is great, considering it happens 4x per year. I'm not sure if there are many things better in the world than a Jucy Lucy, Fries, Summit on Tap, and a group of friends to share it with.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why the time between blogs?

I stopped blogging last month after Anne and I went to Mike and Em's house. We were sitting around drinking a few brewski's before heading out for dinner, and we stumbled on conversation something fierce. Em was saying "So I was heading to the bus...err, you read it about that in my blog." Next, I was saying, "Did you see the Prince 1/2 time show? Err, you read about my thoughts about this on my blog." Based on this, I knew it was time to slow up my blogging. Hence the month off.

I learned a lesson--don't blog everything. Save some cool stuff for conversations. Conversation is waasy cooler than blogging, although blogging is waaay cool too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First Day of Spring?

Yesterday, at least to me, was the first day of Spring. Why? All of the former high school athletes who now weigh 50 lbs more than they did when they were 18 years of age were out for a run. What I find funny about this is that they still wear the same workout clothes they did in High School. We're talking cotton shorts, a (now) way too small T-Shirt stretched across their guts and cross trainers (or maybe even a pair of high tops). It is a nice look that I'm sure many of you have witnessed.

The question is--what is the sign of Spring for you? And if you cop out and say a Robin, it is time to rethink your thinking...