Saturday, September 23, 2006

All Four Seasons? WTF? Yes, All Four Seasons. This is my blog name because out of everything Minnesota has to offer, a true 4 seasons is what I love best. So...

This past Thursday, we had our 4th annual turning of the seasons celebration at Matt's Bar and Grill. Of course, we (being the Chris, Tyler, Anne and I) had Juicy Lucy's (sp?) as there is no better way to celebrate the fall equinox than with 1/3 lb of burger and some molten cheese. What the heck were you doing to celebrate the equinox?

In looking forward to the next celebration; anyone reading this is welcome to join us at Matt's on December 21st at 6:30 pm to celebrate the turning of Fall into Winter, the turning of darkness into light, the shortest amount of daylight you will witness for another year, the Winter Solstice. You get the picture.

Here's looking to a beautiful fall.