Monday, March 31, 2008

Lucy caught a whaaaaat?

Yes, Lucy (notice here cool-ass runing in really cold weather beard in the Picture to the left) had this Possum in her mouth not too long ago. BTW--this possum wasn't dead. It was playing possum. As in not really dead, but playing like it was. I could see it breathing. I'm not sure how good of defense mechanism it is when you are in the grips of a predator (Lucy???)... but it worked with me. It was gone the next day.

Minnesota, Ain't She Grand?
Contrast this picture, taken today---

With this picture, taken March 25, 2007 from Anne's Blog

Ain't Minnesota Grand? At least it keeps most of the Texans out of here...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Struggling to keep up with his wine varietal postings, Kirk asked me to guest blog tonight.

Speaking of struggling to keep up, I'm feeling big bro (who Kirk refers to as the Wine Monkey) is way ahead of us on his wine quest. He's up to variety #89 as of 6 PM tonight...we're currently up to 39, but with this blog I officially bring the total to 41.

#40 - Mandolina Classico Toccata, 2003
This was one of Kirk's bottles. A nice wine to have as a standby around the house. The wine is a blend of 5 varieties and only one of them, freisa, is new to our list. At only 15% it feels like a bit of a cheat to add it to the list, but I'm feeling desperate.

#41 - Chateau St. Jean Gew├╝rztraminer, 2006
The decision to drink this wine was purely based on the fact that we haven't checked it off the list yet, but it was was a well made decision. This wine has a nose of vanilla, slightly sweet (but not to a fault) this wine is really drinkable. Just don't pair it with pistachios...