Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Heart the Marathon

I work up 3x this morning before 4 am and finally got up at 4:15. Why? The freakin' London Marathon was on WCSN.COM for free. I dragged my butt out of bed, threw my body on the couch and watched the marathon. What a show! I can't believe the I can hang out and watch 2:05 (2:25 FOR the women) worth of running. But I can. And there is no better show on the airwaves. The tactics and the physicality of this are second to none. Imagine running 1:11 400's for 105 laps. And then having 2 other guys hang on to you. And then sprinting away from them. WOW.

I can't wait until Boston next week.


crossn81 said...

I took my chances and watched the on-demand version online today! They also made a little recap of Hall's race.

Good luck in Boston!

ChrisT said...

This was truly a terrific show, wasn't it? even if they did spend a critical 5 minutes late in the race showing the top brit chasing a lower place.