Sunday, November 23, 2008

Louisville Swamp

Our Sunday running group headed down to Louisville Swamp for our run today--if you've ever been to the Rennaisance Festival here in town, you 've very close to a gem of a park.  Instead of turning into the field outside of the Festival, continue down the road, where it dead ends in the Louisville Swamp parking lot.
The trail runs through oak savannah, flood plain forest, and by some great ruins of farmsteads.The Jab farmstead also doubles up as a warming hut come XC ski season.  Add to that the fact that we saw a river otter floating around in one of the
 creeks (swimming on his back, just looking at us) made it a great, great run.  

There is an 8 mile loop, but it can't be completed since a bridge is out.  Hence, a double out and back is necessary to see the whole park.  I highly recommend this trail if you are ever in the area just south of Canterbury downs.

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