Sunday, December 03, 2006

Today was a Sunday, which meant that I woke up, brewed some coffee and read the Star Tribune. One story in particular stood out for me. You can find the article here but I'll save you the time and summarize it for you. Roughly 800,000 to 1,000,000 people supporting Hezbollah drove (or rode) to Beirut and protested the government. I'm not going to get into regional politics, but I am going to expound on this here. Here is a picture of the protest...

In college, I went to Lallapalozah with roughly 15,000 people when Ministry started up "Jesus Built My Hotrod". I thought I was going to die due to the movement of the crowd. Can you imagine a 1,000,000 person moshpit?

Another time, I was at a Wild Game with roughly 15,000 people in downtown St. Paul and it took me 30 minutes to get out of the parking ramp. I thought I was going to have to kill somebody. In fact, I got out of the car and started directing traffic in order to speed things up. Can you imagine going to a rally with 1,000,000 people? How long would it take you to get out of the local parking ramp? 1,000,000/15,000*30 minutes is one freakin' long time. I would kill somebody and I don't even end my celebrations with AK-47 shots! How could this ever end peacefully? I have a newfound respect for the Lebanese if it did. Of course, I am American and I tire easily of war. 4 years? Enough! The people in the middle east are fighting a war that has lasted 500 times that long. Can you even imagine???


Rocco said...

I feel sorry for the poor bastard who got their last. Parking was a bitch and there was no way he got a good seat. And I thought going to the Holidazzle was a nightmare (actually I've never been).

Anonymous said...

I had a much different experience on Sunday morning. We didn't have any coffee filters, so I hit the streets. First to SA. Nope. Then Walgreens. They freeking sell coffee makers and coffee but didn't have any filters. I ended up at Rainbow to get my drug paraphernalia. Looking back, I should have just gone Macgyver with a paper towel to make my brew.

Let's hope Hezbollah has plenty of coffee filters on hand. A lack of filters can be the spark that lights up that tinder box.