Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wicked Dance Finales
It is raining here again in Minneapolis, so what better thing is there to do than sit around and watch movies? I've had Napoleon Dynamite on my Free-vo for quite some time, so I finally got around to watching it for the second time (first time was via Netflix, not TV). In the meantime, I've forgotten most of the movie. I really loved it this time around, especially the dance finale. I'm not sure if this was the beginning of a trend, but Little Miss Sunshine seems to have followed the same formula-- Oddly depressing movie followed by a wicked dance finale. Are there other movies that have wicked dance finales? Can I talk my friend Mike into compiling such a list?

1) Napoleon Dynamite
2) Little Miss Sunshine


Ed Kohler said...

Dirty Dancing? That has it's share oddly depressing scenes before the wicked dance finale.

Nathan said...

Ghost? Dancing scene with a dead guy. That's sad. But that's slow-dancing I suppose.

There's the Jennifer Lopez movie with the salsa dancing, and national dance competition or something like that. Pretty good flick actually. And while it may not be the end of the movie, there is no greater dance scene in cinematic history than Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.