Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has Sprung (Again!)

Amazingly, I saw another sign of spring today. Okay, not so amazingly, considering the weather (70F and sunny). In a previous post, I stated that the first sign of spring was all of the old jocks out trying to lose their middle aged swell. I declare that only a weak of sign of spring and not the official sign of spring. For me, the official sign of spring is nearly always found during a run through Lebanon Hills. The sign? Frogs! We're talking a chorus of frogs. Specifically a chorus of "Chorus Frogs" (pictured at right). It is always a encouraging to hear their call throughout the forest and know that they have officially put their stamp on spring. They are not out in full force in the thick of the woods yet, but I'm guessing that my mid-week, the whole forest will erupt in a chorus of clicking sounds. I can't wait to hear the symphony.

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Anne said...

Today I experienced one of the subtle signs of spring. This one never hits me over the head, but it's something that after a week or two I say to myself "Huh, it must be spring"...the running clothes laundry hamper fills up after a week instead of after three days like it does during the winter.

It's really nice to run in shorts again!