Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First Day of Spring?

Yesterday, at least to me, was the first day of Spring. Why? All of the former high school athletes who now weigh 50 lbs more than they did when they were 18 years of age were out for a run. What I find funny about this is that they still wear the same workout clothes they did in High School. We're talking cotton shorts, a (now) way too small T-Shirt stretched across their guts and cross trainers (or maybe even a pair of high tops). It is a nice look that I'm sure many of you have witnessed.

The question is--what is the sign of Spring for you? And if you cop out and say a Robin, it is time to rethink your thinking...


Ed Kohler said...

I had the sun roof open while dinosaurs yesterday. That's a sign of spring for me.

Carly and I noticed the same thing about high school t-shirts on Sunday while out for a run. I love the shirts where they have a kick ass saying on the back like, "Makin' It Happen!"

Rocco said...

There was a guy in college who walked around everywhere, as fast as he could, with his hands always in his back pockets and a pencil in his mouth. He usually was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Take It To The LIMIT!" That's all I ever knew about that guy. He was probably unibomber material, but I've missed ever since I graduated.

Whoops. Wrong topic. First sign of spring. I already told Kirk this. it's when the snow has melted lower pedestrian path on West River Road between 36th street at 44th street. Yes it's a very neighborhood-specific sign of spring. But that's how we roll in Lofo dog.