Thursday, March 22, 2007

Matt's Equinox Dinner

My first blog that I ever wrote came on the heels of our quarterly "meeting" at Matt's Bar. That was 2 seasons ago, as we just had our Spring Equinox dinner yesterday evening. This has truly turned into one of my favorite events of the year--which is great, considering it happens 4x per year. I'm not sure if there are many things better in the world than a Jucy Lucy, Fries, Summit on Tap, and a group of friends to share it with.

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Rocco said...

Good times indeed. I'd consider getting three Jucys at the next outing, but the w-i-f-e would probably consider separate bedrooms after a night like that. The grease would stream from my pores as I slept.

I'm pushing my luck getting two, as it is. And of course, who knows what my doctor would ay about this. Thank goodness the eqinox and solitice fests are quarterly and not weekly.