Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why the time between blogs?

I stopped blogging last month after Anne and I went to Mike and Em's house. We were sitting around drinking a few brewski's before heading out for dinner, and we stumbled on conversation something fierce. Em was saying "So I was heading to the bus...err, you read it about that in my blog." Next, I was saying, "Did you see the Prince 1/2 time show? Err, you read about my thoughts about this on my blog." Based on this, I knew it was time to slow up my blogging. Hence the month off.

I learned a lesson--don't blog everything. Save some cool stuff for conversations. Conversation is waasy cooler than blogging, although blogging is waaay cool too.

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Sunchaser said...

My sure sign of spring has always been the start of baseball practice at the high schools. They usually start out throwing inside and then tentatively move out in the mud and sometimes leftover snow banks to begin stretching out muscles that have been dormant for a long time, especially the throwing muscles.