Sunday, February 04, 2007

Prince's Performance

I was seriously hoping to see a wardrobe malfunction tonight. Alas, I leftthe half time performance disappointed. If someone as Masculine (androgynous perhaps?) as Prince had shown some nipple, would there have been an outrage? If he had taken the time to put a star shaped pasty on his nipple, what would we have talked about at the water cooler?

Instead, we had a staid, but good, performance and a subtle wish (Purple Reign (sic)) for the Vikings to win a Super Bowl... He did however, get quite phallic with his guitar--bravo Prince, for being imaginative, bravo. If Janet had gotten that phallic, what would the FCC have done? Shut down the station? No worries about FCC fines for CBS, I guess.


Ed Kohler said...

I liked the performance but with there wasn't so much water on the cameras trying to cover it. He's one hell of an entertainer.

Rocco said...

I loved the halftime show. It's not easy to make like a rock star and genuinely put on a show the way Prince did, given the sterile corporate atmosphere of the Super Bowl. And to do so in a downpour is even more impressive.

emily said...


i am "tagging" you for a meme. see my blog for instructions.

welcomet o bloggerville.

emily said...

ps - the halftime show ROCKED! i have seen prince in concert a couple times and it was just as awesome. i had goosebumps during the purple rain guitar.