Monday, January 29, 2007

State Fair Catch-Up

I've been meaning to post this picture since I had Anne take it while driving home (from the State Fair, I believe). How cool is this vehicle? I know that it isn't as cool as the wiener-mobile, but it is pretty darn cool... And wouldn't driving this vehicle around be a great job? On the other hand, I wasn't sure how to spell wiener, so I consulted Ed's favorite dictionary website, the urban dictionary for consultation. Here is what it said...

And here is another picture that we took at the State Fair, specifically for our friend Pancho (or is it Poncho?). Pancho's (Poncho's) owner Mike, Em, Anne, and myself actually had a discussion on how Pancho (Poncho) should be spelling his name. I guess the answer was in front of us all the time. Silly dog, not knowing how to spell his name and everything.

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Rocco said...

Use Ed's favorite research tool: the Google. Google Pancho and Poncho. See what comes up. I think the debate is the same as how if should spell Sarah with or without the "h."