Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Equinox, Another Great Night

Looking at the calender, one might think that the Equinox was on the 23rd of September this year. If so, we observed the Fall Equinox early this year--tonight. We convened at Matt's once again for our quarterly celebration of the passing of the seasons. This time there was a total of 9 people, up from previous meetings. I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite nights of the year. Seriously, how can you beat Jucy Lucys and a bunch of friends (including the founder and inventor of Conversation was great, food was great and the weather outside was frightful. Did I mention that I had a great night?


Ed Kohler said...

Interesting bit of trivia from tonight's event. There were nine people, nine Lucy's were consumed, but only 8 people had Lucy's. Hmmm.

Dr Em said...

I might have to try this Jucy night thing next time. I was in the basement at my sister's house watching Sven. When the storm was over we went to Adrian's and got french fries.

Rocco said...

I went to the Twins game today and had 8th row seats, right behind the White Sox on-deck circle. Their back-up catcher's name (who was playing today) is Lucy. I only had my cell phone for taking pictures (I ALMOST brought a real camera), and I couldn't get the camera phone to zoom in close enough to get his name plate. Oh well.