Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gen Text (of which I'm not)

The conversation at Matt's strayed to why I don't use the text feature on my phone and how antiquated I am when it comes to technology. Heck, I just learned about blogs last year and RSS feeds yesterday. I realized tonight that the reason I don't have an affinity to texting is two fold; 1) I car pool with my wife to almost everything (work, runs, groceries,) meaning I don't have to text "Where U at?"--because I know she's right next to me and 2) My Mom and Dad taught me that grammar is important: I can't read a sentence with a misspelled word or improperly used verb or noun without cringing. How am I supposed to read a whole conversation with both problems? I think I'll just wander over to Grammar Girl and see if she wants to chat...

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