Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stealthy Guest Post

First, I have to come clean, this is Anne. I'm trying to clean things up around the house and one of the things that has needed some attention is the backlog of wine varieties that should be added to our century club checklist.

These bottles have been sitting around for a while...
(for some reason I can't get the photo to post right now...I'll be back to add it later)

The only information I have on these wines is what is on the label, what I can learn from the internets and the knowledge that as soon as I publish this blog they'll all be moving to the recycling bin. I wish I could tell you that they were grassy or leggy or unctuous, but frankly, I can't remember any details about the wines themselves. I do know, however, that they are now officially checked off on our Century Club checklist.

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Nathan said...

I KNEW that wasn't Kirk blogging. I was downing beers with him during this post! And Kirk has yet to go Deets-style insta-blogging. Heck, I just found out he still pays for text messages.

Congrats Anne on an awesome Chicago. Way to negative split!